HOA Documents for Home Sales, Refinancing and Insurance Certificate

Posted By on June 2, 2023

Are you trying to refinance or sell your home and your broker or mortgage lender is asking for HOA documents for The Irvine Groves Homeowners Association?

Home Sales and Refinancing: Your broker or mortgage lender can order the documents or request to have their questionnaire completed on Action Property Management’s website. Please instruct them to go to www.actionlife.com, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Escrow. From the Escrow web page, scroll down only a little and click on Order Now. From there your sales broker or lender can order the needed documents and upload any forms they would like to be completed.

Insurance Certificate: Even when you are not selling or refinancing your home, some mortgage lenders will ask for a copy of the insurance certificate for the master policy. This is the insurance certificate showing policy coverages carried by The Irvine Groves Homeowners Association. The certificate can be found on the homeowner’s online Resident Portal at https://resident.actionlife.com or go to Action’s website at www.actionlife.com and select Resident Portal in the upper right hand corner. Once signed in to your online account you will be on your personal online dashboard. In the left hand column, select Insurance and you will be taken to a folder where you will see a copy of the current insurance certificate that you my download and provide to your lender.

We hope you find this information helpful to you.

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